Welcome Address from PTA Chairman

Hello and a warm welcome from FRIENDS OF CIS.

This is a year of new beginnings and pleasant surprises for us all in Jesus Mighty Name Amen. I am indeed humbled to serve as the chairman of Parent Teachers Association of Canterbury international school (Friends of CIS). I am delighted to make remark in this website.

Canterbury is truly a special place and I could not have asked for a better elementary school for my children. Why is Canterbury so special? First, the vision of the Founder to make Canterbury a nurturing, safe, creative and cutting edge place to learn is inspiring. Second, our teachers love what they do, and it shows in their smiles as they welcome the children daily on arrival at 7.30am; their patience , their lesson plans and their enthusiasm as they present materials to the pupils in fun and engaging ways. Third, so many of the parents at Canterbury are incredibly supportive of the school, PTA and teachers; most especially during our Teachers' Appreciation days.

Parent involvement is a long tradition in our school and one of its greatest strength. The more you engage with school community, the more rewarding your experience at Canterbury will be. The active involvement of parents and guardians is a deliberate effort to take care of the education of our children. It is important to note therefore, that we educate our children to meet their long range needs in their prime age as they continue to grow up. This forms the required matrix for the crucial day to day rolling programs of the school. We encourage you to look for opportunities to volunteer and share your experiences. I wish to thank the parents and guardians for their material and moral support at all times; please continue in the same spirit for the future of our children.

Finally, it cannot be overemphasized that Canterbury international school has grown into a major repository of knowledge and spiritual growth boasting successful Alumni. I am sincerely thanking all persons who have walked and continue walking with the school over the years and who till date provide their unwavering support, to wit, the academics, Administrative and support staff, the PTA; Its Committees , and most important of all, all the parents.

On behalf of the PTA Executives, we wish everyone a very productive year ahead and look forward to your continued support.

Julius Okedele (PTA Chairman)